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than calling please send an e-mail message to Visa fees 500 NOK for a single-entry 1,250 NOK for a multiple-entry Visa. This generally means the visa is valid

or can be used from the date it is issued until the date it expires, for travel for the same purpose, when the visa is issued for multiple entry. This may require additional time ( 1-2 months). . You can check your passport properties in the table below. Browse the photo contest. The mmos is a system developed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to streamline and expedite the online accreditation service for members of the foreign media intending to work or reside in Thailand as well as those wishing to renew their media accreditation, to extend. If the applicants spouse will be accompanying him or her, a copy of the applicants valid marriage certificate must be presented as supporting documentation. However, the processing time could take longer than 5 working days during high season (Application is to be submitted on Monday-Friday between 9-12.m.) Applicants can check the status of their visa applications by sending email to Visa Fee The visa fee is 250 NOK per. Do not apply for a visa earlier than 3 months before you will arrive in Thailand. Two standard passport photos ( 2*2 inches) Processing time Applications are usually processed within 3-5 working day after applicants submit all of the required documents. Processing time Applications are usually processed within 3-5 working day after applicants submit all of the required documents. Post your photos anytime until 1 September, 2018.

For nonNorwegian passport holde r, it is advisable skatteetaten skjemaer 2018 to be courteous and cooperative. When applying for visas from ntfk the Thai Embassy. A copy of Norwegian residence certificate from the police or other evidence to prove that the applicant is legally residing in Norway 2014, however, dindaeng, beginning August 12, a signed letter on official letterhead stating purpose of trip to Thailand andor a copy of military orders. Important information Regulations are subject to change without notice. A copy of passport is also required. For the purpose of studying Type ED Along with the same documentation required for Tourist visa in the tab above please include.

Visa application and collection hours: 9:00 12:00 on embassy s business.See embassy s holidays, click here.Do I need visa to Thailand?

Hopp til søk, passport must be valid for at least 18 months. For the purpose ambassade of conducting business and conference Type B not including employment Along with the same documentation required for Tourist Visa in the tab above please include. A multipleentry visa must be used within 1 year from the date of issue. Birth Certificate and Thai Passport Thai. The visa exemption program is for the purpose of tourism only. If you travel frequently as a tourist for example. You do not have to apply for a new visa each time you want to travel to Thailand. Den frie encyklopedi, please be aware that Thai Immigrations recent crack down on visa runners is aimed at visa runners who abuse the visa exemption program for the purpose of working in Thailand. You must apply personally at the Embassy 3 Copies of Passport or Travel Document. An original letter of invitation on company letterhead from the business host in Thailand stating the.


Embassy of Thailand in Oslo, Norway

Required document Please note that passport holders of some non-Norwegian nationalities may require additional documents and vaccine certificate for their application.For the purpose of research (Type RS ) Along with the same documentation required for Tourist Visas in the tab above, please include: An official approval letter from the National Research Council of Thailand (for more information please see p?langen ) For the purpose.