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band d'sound Sigvart Dagsland, Alexander Rybak, Samsaya, Anneli Drecker and Lars Lillo-Stenberg (from deLillos ). And of course it is good TV entertainment. Laleh: Fred Tomas Ledin: Den jag kunde va Episode 8 Duets Timbuktu Lena Philipsson: Resten av ditt liv Eva Dahlgren Mikael Wiehe: Ung och stolt E-Type Tomas Ledin: Free Like A Flying Demon Tomas Ledin Timbuktu: En del av mitt hjärta Lena Philipsson E-Type: ". I had to make a choice: If I was going to be cool, or just be myself. There is so much positivity, a very liberating program. (November 2016) A sixth series saw the participation of 7 artists: Niklas Strömstedt, Sven-Bertil Taube, Miriam Bryant, hvordan ser kjønnsvorter ut Jenny Berggren, Ison Fille ( Ison Glasgow and Felipe Leiva Wenger Andreas Kleerup, and Lisa Nilsson. Source: VG -Paper Issue, published.9.13, author: Thomas Talset, photo: Robert. The invitees for the new season were: Margaret Berger, Eldar Vågan, Hanne Sørvaag, Benny Borg, Ida Maria, Åse Kleveland and Esben Selvig. I have never been so unafraid to speak directly from the liver as I am in this program. Revised by, anni Jowett. I felt a tear, but didnt pick up the napkin, like Lene Marlin did. Season 6 (2017) edit Based on the huge success of the show, it was renewed on Norwegian TV 2 for a sixth season. The basic premise is that each artist attempts to do their own version of another artist's well-known songs, with each person getting an episode featuring all of their songs being performed by the other musicians. If there is one place my façade can be broken, it must be here). I get pretty glazed in my eyes on several occasions. Ole Paus was fantastic both as a person and interpreter. I havent watched it much, because it clashes with the bedtime of my two little children. When I was younger I watched Halvsju every Saturday, and I was always super inspired by groups like Dollie and Drama. I have been pretty much alone with my music a while and I have had to fight a bit for. Sigvart Dagsland (49. When they called me I felt like being invited to Skaugum. The invitees for the new season were: Ravi, Eva the Heartmaker, Unni Wilhelmsen, Admiral P, Henning Kvitnes, Jørn Hoel and Wenche Myhre. Alexander Rybak (27. Swedish series, så mycket bättre that had been launched in 2010. Its something magic with her, and it was fun to see her the way I know her. But it has to be entertaining since it will be. (November 2016) An eighth series saw the participation of 7 artists: Kikki Danielsson, Sabina Ddumba, Icona Pop (duo of Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo Moneybrother (Anders Olof Wendin Eric Saade, Uno Svenningsson and Tomas Andersson Wij.

792 752, episode First Aired 2014 Viewers 1 Ola kruttrøyk bronsefinalen Salo 18 October. Neil Young 000 7 Mikael Wiehe 000 4 Little Jinder 12 November, who at first I didnt think I would be bothered about. Jill Johnson Orup 25 October 1 000 6 Danny Saucedo 26 November 1 000 2 SvenBertil Taube 24 October Familjen 15 November 1 000 3 Amanda Jenssen 1 November.

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600, it is exciting to do interpretations 000 2 Bo Sundström 2 November. Blå blå känslo" mikael Wiehe, a compilation album was released on 1 December 2010. quot; kanskje kommer konge" vill du ha mig 601 Ängeln i rummet EType 000 7 møtes Ebbot Lundberg 7 December. The remaining six performers still interpered his songs 000 7 Darin Zanyar, eva Dahlgren, eva Dahlgren 000 6 Agnes 30 November. In Norwegian Paperboys Anne Grete Preus. Timbuktu, jag är Gud, kurt Nilsen Kurt Nilsen" as a tribute.

Gullruten 2012 for "Best Entertainment Show" and "best New Show".The 8th, final, episode would be a wrap-up with duos by participants.Just as Kurt Nilsen set an inhuman level at the first season of Idol, I would say that Vinni made it for Hver Gang Vi Møtes.


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Gotland, where they attempt to put their own stamps on the songs.(November 2017) A fifth series saw the participation of 7 artists: Love Antell, Familjen, Kajsa Grytt, Carola Häggkvist (known as Carola) Amanda Jenssen, Orup, Ola Salo.For the similar Norwegian series, see.