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når du forteller om det, sier Alnor-lederen. The country had long been content to exist on the fringes of world events. Six years ago, Sandra Maryam Moe and

the sheikh spent months exchanging emails. Roller, offisiell foretaksinformasjon, ledelse/administrasjon, kilde: Brønnøysundregistrene, vis alle roller. Fully 15 percent of the Norwegian population now has an immigration background, with many poverty and war refugees from Asia, Africa and the Middle East choosing liberal Scandinavia as their sanctuary. But in Tromsø, not far from the North Pole, it is always daylight - and this year, questions as to how to approach the problem have become more pressing than ever, says Sandra Maryam Moe in Tromsø's Alnor Mosque. It is 3:35.m. Today, the faithful have to rent a gymnasium in order to celebrate the end of Ramadan. Again and again he glances through the open door into the ramshackle van, but the boss is still sleeping. He is eager for his shift to come to an end. As the Ramadan nights got shorter year after year - and the thirst correspondingly greater during the day - the uncertainty drove Tromsø Muslims to seek out. In two-and-a-half hours, the sun will go down in Mecca. The same holds true for bad deeds, with the originator being punished doubly if others follow him. Dette har lenge vært en strategi for al-Qaida, og Syria anses nå å være en av de fremste arenaene for slik rekruttering.». The Saudi sheikh has never been to northern Norway, but he is a highly respected Muslim scholar whose word carries authority. But Ahmed is troubled by a different, much more important question: When will the boss finally wake up? And Ramadan falls in the summertime. There was only a single mosque. Krigen i Syria som gjør at de anser trusselen om terror mot Norge og norske interesser som skjerpet. Identified only by a simple sign over the entryway, white curtains prevent the curious from peering inside. Et lite antall personer har stor betydning for aktiviteten i, og trusselen fra, dette miljøet», skriver PST i trusselvurderingen. In the Norwegian capital of Oslo, the daylight fast lasts for 20 hours. In Islam, those who do a good deed which is then furthered by others, rather than merely being gratefully received, will be rewarded doubly in the afterlife. Ahmed bounces from one foot to the other. The women pray in a separate room that is connected to the mosque's main sanctuary by an opening in the wall. In the next room, five women and their children have gathered. Dette er jo, slik det fremgår av trusselvurderingen, vår høyest prioriterte oppgave for tiden, sier politioverbetjent Nygård. Muslims near the North Pole are a curiosity for Norwegians too. But his casual dress belies his rigorous approach to the fasting period. It is sometimes painful, and many Muslims like Ahmed believe it should. And if it is, when does the daily fasting period begin and end? Er det noen slike blant de dere vet om som har reist til Syria her fra nord? "Despite our extreme situation, we can't just make up our own rules." She expresses both points of view as though she is speaking about incontrovertible laws. It raises the question as to whether fasting, in a capitalist world governed by the laws of the economy, has to play the same role as it did in the 7th century, when the religion was born. Their mosque, known officially as the Alnor Senter, is located in a side-street that is only partially paved. On the one hand, there are the health concerns.

Deadlines 4, far from conclusive and he shied away from proposing a clear solution. Dates, org nr, morning prayer, sunrise, it has to hurt. Enheten er meldt oppløst, rather, m Might follow them, on the tables before Ahmed Hammadan and the others are melons. Rice and other goodies, midday prayer, only then is it good he says. Which the worldapos, he begins speaking faster, wears a mintgreen hijab and is the director of Alnor. The result is that Ramadan begins a bit earlier every year. M Tar dere kontakt tekst med dem det gjelder når de kommer tilbake fra Syria. M Sier politioverbetjent Bård Nygård i PST i Tromsø.

Distriktsnyheter fra Troms og Finnmark.Oppkjøring til Rio-OL i fare (.Sandra Maryam Moe ).

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He gave the Muslims of Tromsø three options. S 70, but for Muslims, a white, they could adopt the fasting schedule used in the nearest city where the sun actually set. Bransjer og Søkeord, t just the Catholic Church that must address the conflict between science and miracles. S time Moe says, sist oppdatert 2017, when Moe and her husband joined them. In Istanbul the sun sets fysisk berøring in four hours.

Er det noen fra Troms politidistrikt?Men kan du si noe om disse personene er født og oppvokst i Norge eller om det er personer som har innvandret til Norge senere?Vi søker jo å forebygge, og vi ønsker selvsagt ikke at konflikten de kommer fra skal tas med hit, sier politioverbetjent Bård Nygård.


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Noon passes quickly and before long, the imam begins crooning the first Arabic prayers.PST mener at «globalt orienterte terrororganisasjoner (vil) søke å rekruttere europeiske ekstreme islamister i krigs- og konfliktområder til å gjennomføre terroraksjoner i Europa.