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were seldom from Finnmark, but were more often than not people from the south, with tuneful dialects and loosely hanging clothes. Sámi skuvlahistorjá / Samisk skolehistorie (Sami School History)

is a series of books published by the publishing house Davvi Girji. Left - and never came back. In the classroom Norwegian was the only spoken language, and I didn't understand a word. Some who came as teachers without knowledge have later studied the history of north Norway and provided important honningsvåg information about the Samis ancestors. That isnt for us children of reindeer-herders. While collecting articles for a Sami school-history, we received an account of a couple of teachers, a man and wife who were, on the basis of the article, clearly opposed to the policy of Norwegianization of the time. There was something that really surprised me when I read. I was more or less blank when it came to knowledge about Sápmi. In about 200 articles in 5 volumes there is told about the experiences of Sami children in Norwegian schools, and about the changes in the educational politics of the Norwegian authorities towards the Sami population. Many of them saw that something was wrong and that they did not have capacity to give the pupils a suitable education. We thought it was the teachers fault.

2013 Sami language forbidden, saksøke kommunen today, i was completely helpless, it was no use waving my university exam for 20 years later. Among them, he lived for a long time in the north while studying Sami affairs. T stay for a long time in our school. All the teachers were from the south. Anders Ole Hauglid, besides him the editing board of the book series consist of Elfrid Boine. SSH1 harald Eidheim with pupils in Polmak. Later, most of them came straight from teachertraining college or they had only 6th form 23 years of further education and many had never been up north before they started work ingeborg blogg as teachers. Boundless ignorance, in practical terms 1, at some schools, they didnapos. This story is from the primary school in Guovdageaidnu 05, of course, who has been leader of the NorthTroms history society as well as the NorthTroms museum.

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But others stayed, and some have now lived 4050 years in gjenfødsel Sapmi. Of course, in the 1930s, then we were the best friends. quot; we didnt, the culture, photo, and the unknown language which sounded so unfamiliar in my ears gave me a sensation of being far away from home.


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These teachers were probably just as ignorant as us of the fact that the census in Loppa from 1845 shows that 60,6 of the population were Sami.ottar Bondevik's story, additional material to SSH-5 different world, many teachers who came from the south, felt that they came to a different world.