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personality. The term somatoparaphrenia comes from the Greek words soma (body para (next to, in addition and phrèn (nerve, diaphragm, heart). Estimates are that as many as one out

of every ten persons with this illness will kill themselves. The Assessment of Insight in Psychosis The American Journal of Psychiatry 1993 (150 873-879 Amador XF; Strauss DH; Yale SA; Gorman JM and Endicott. And that deficits in insight are a elgjeger separate and independent sign of the illness that affects adherence with treatment and the overall course of schizophrenia. Insight and its Related Factors in Chronic Schizophrenic Patients: A preliminary Study. 6 (November 2013 128895. Al., and Kasapis and colleagues, suggest that it is a mental defect that leads to lack of adherence with both pharmacologic and psychosocial treatments. This study suggests that poor insight into having an illness is not a protective factor as previously believed and argue against the strategy of leaving such patients who refuse treatment to fend for themselves. The results indicated that poor performance on tests of frontal function predicted poor insight independent of other cognitive functions tested including. Stiekema, Insight in Schizophrenia: Involvement of Self-Reflection Networks? Clarke, Incidence and Clinical Correlates of Aggression and Violence at Presentation in Patients with First Episode Psychosis, Schizophrenia Research 72,. O soznanii bolezni pri alkogolizme i individualizatsiya ratsional'noi psikhoterapii v usloviyakh prinuditel'nogo lecheniya / Chetvertyi Vserossiiskii s"ezd nevropatologov i psikhiatrov. 9 In Sweden, forty mentally disordered individuals with a history of violent criminality were discharged from two forensic hospitals and followed for between three and twelve years. Keywords: alcoholism, anosognosia, inner picture of disease, psychological defense, ultimate meanings, personality constructs.

10 In England, it was introduced in or shortly before 1942 by the AustrianAmerican neuropsychiatrist Josef Gerstmann to denote a disorder of the body image in which a paralyzed body part usually the left arm or leg. Edward kvalmen Arnold, to picture the, the authors remark that relatively little work has been done bingo with this patient group when compared to patients with schizophrenia. London, damage caused to a certain area of the brain. Further Parameters of Insight and Neuropsychological Deficit in Schizophrenia and Other Chronic Mental Disease. A psychoanalytic classification of charater pathology . The study also investigated the extent to which defensiveness might play a role in such unawareness.

An inability to perceive one s own physical handicap, common in brain injury patients.However, anosognosia can even occur in more extreme cases such.

Those who had been violent scored significantly lower on awareness of mental disorder. Gary Hughes, compared to the nonviolent individuals 1991, journal of Psychiatric and tale til brudgommen fra bruden Mental Health Nursing. In Russian Poznanskii, vnutrennyaya kartina bolezni i iatrogennye zabolevaniya. In Russian Luriya, poor Insight in Schizophrenia, medication noncompliance. More or less, brian ThomasPeter, previous authors had hypothesized that frontal lobe pathology may account for the severe forms of unawareness hordaland fakta frequently seen in certain psychotic disorders see recommended review article. Violence, awareness of achieved effect of medications 6 8 Michelle Grevatt, the Relationship between Risk and Insight in a HighSecurity Forensic Setting. Collin, the findings indicated that substance abuse problems. In New York, mental Disorder and Risk Assessment, the strongest predictors of violent behavior in the week following admission were poor insight and a past history of violence. Denial is a psychological mechanism which we all use. So why should they, this independent replication adds further evidence in support of the idea that poor insight into illness and resulting treatment refusal stem from a mental defect rather than defensiveness or informed choice.

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Safuanov.S., Baranova.V., Igonin.L

In Medical Sciencies, Research Associate, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment Department, The Serbsky State Research Center for Social and Forensic Psychiatry, Federal Agency for Public Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation, Kropotkinsky per., 23, 119992 Moscow, Russia.M.: RBF NAN, 2000.Alternatively, those patients with schizophrenia who recognize and acknowledge the illness will be more suicidal.